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001. BE ACTIVE! I know all RPGS say that you have to be on more at least once within three days or your role will be reopened. The same goes for here. I will not reopen the role without first giving you a warning. If after three more days you have not shown up, the role will be reopened.

002. KEEP IT REAL! While everyone loves good IC drama, let’s do our best to keep OOC drama to a minimum. There will be an OOC Blog where you can talk story lines, work on character development, and generally hang out. IC drama = good. OOC drama = a game ruiner.

003. INTERACT WITH EVERYONE! There are only a few roles in this game, so it’s very important that everyone talk to each other. I know we all have our endgame ships, and for some people that’s the whole goal. But here it’s important that everyone interact.

004. ACT YOUR AGE! In almost every RPG there tends to be sex/drugs/drinking/etc, and this will be no exception. That said, I must ask that only those 18+ apply. There will be no exceptions.

005. STAY IN CHARACTER! This is an AU game, so you have some liberty, but make sure Rachel is still the Broadway diva we know and love, Puck is still a bad boy, and Brittany is still a ray of sunshine. Don’t have Santana acting like Rachel, etc.

005. READ A LOT, WRITE A LOT! This is a multi-para RPG. That means we expect proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We understand that when the game is first starting people like to do GIF convos to introduce themselves. This will be allowed, but after everyone has adjusted we ask that you switch to predominantly paras. Texts should be done using the tumblr-chat function.

006. HAVE FUN! We want everyone to enjoy being here. If at any point you realize that you’re not having fun, please let a mod know and we will do our best to change that. If you decide that you would like to leave, please warn us so we can open the role back up as quickly as possible. To prove you’ve read the rules, please add ‘All Friends Here' to the subject line of your application.