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As children we often develop imaginary friends to help us get by. They’re there for us whenever we need them, to hold our hands in the dark, or kiss our scrapes when we fall on the playground, or just to listen to us. They understand us in a way that not even our parents, lovers, or friends ever will. As we get older, they disappear, most people forgetting that they ever existed all together.

For Rachel Berry, Sam Evans and Quinn Fabray, those friends are about to make a comeback. After the three unknowingly make the same wish upon a star during a meteor shower, their imaginary friends return to them, and this time they’re all grown up! With three imaginary teenagers running around Lima and around WMHS things are bound to get interesting. How will the help their old friends deal with high school? What will they teach them about themselves along the way?

Watch relationships grow and change, and the lines between the real and imaginary blur as you bring these characters to life! 

(All set outside of canon. The characters have the same personalities, and that’s it!)